Contained Search FAQs

What is a contained search?

A contained search is a “best of both worlds” combination of retained and contingent recruiting. An initial engagement fee provides greater exclusivity than a contingent search without the obligation of a retainer arrangement.

How does a contained search process differ from a contingent search process?

Your search becomes our priority. We limit the number of contained searches we do at any one time in order to provide you with the attention and commitment of time needed to bring the high caliber of person you expect. While much of the process of fact finding, sourcing, qualifying and presenting candidates is similar to a contingent assignment, a contained search draws from a deeper pool of candidates. We bring all of our resources and experience to bear on your contained search because of the special nature of that partnership.

Why should I choose a contained search over a contingent arrangement?

There are at least 7 Key Advantages of Using a Contained Search. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to discuss them further with you.

Why does Laso focus on contained searches?

We don’t just want to fill your next opening; we want to create a long-term partnership with you! Contained searches create an environment where we can better match you with qualified candidates who fit your corporate culture and business goals.

What type of position is ideal for a contained search?

Contained searches are ideal for high priority positions where it is critical to place an individual who not only has the necessary skills for day-to-day operations but also can help a team improve its overall performance. In addition, confidential assignments and situations where a time-lined process is essential are best suited for a contained search.

Do you present a contained search assignment differently to candidates than a contingent one?

Laso always provides as much information as possible about a position opening to a candidate. However, a contained search assignment will elevate the candidate’s perception of the opportunity, and gives Laso a better understanding of how the candidate will fit with the company’s overall structure, values, and goals.

How do candidates view a contained search?

When you engage Laso in a contained search, you deliver a message to candidates that they should regard the position, and you, in a more advantageious light than they would from other searches. Unlike many job board postings or contract searches, a contained search assignment tells the candidate that the job is a key position which the company has a priority commitment to filling. The candidate who participates in a contained search also knows that if selected for presentation he is considered among the very few to be especially qualified. You and the candidate are free to focus on the prospective fit within your organization, and once hired an accepted candidate views himself as an impact person from the start.

What is the fee structure for a contained search, and when are payments due?

Clients who sign a contained search agreement pay a nonrefundable partial upfront engagement fee. The fee balance is due only when the position is filled.

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