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The Laso Corporation is providing this tool as a means for creating your resume. We are making it available to everyone on the Internet to use for free. We do ask, however, that in return for using this tool, you consider submitting your resume to Laso for consideration for current or future open positions. There is a place on the form for submitting your resume to us electronically.

We are not capturing resumes!

We feel that is an important thing to note. We do not capture resumes that have been built on this site but have not submitted to us. When you get to The Laso Corporation section on the form, you'll notice that, "No, I do not wish to apply at The Laso Corporation" is checked. You have to actually click on the, "Yes, please submit...," or, "Please update...," in order to submit a resume to us.

Why is The Laso Corporation making this application available for free?

We feel that this exemplifies our statement of commitment. Your resume can make or break your chances of employment and we want to help you immediately put your best foot forward. All we ask is that you consider submitting to us the resume you create. Let us know the types of positions you are interested in and the salary you feel would be fair and we can begin the long-term relationship The Laso Corporation is interested in establishing.

How to use The Resume Builder

It is easy to use this form to make a resume. Just follow the instructions for each section. There are some fields that are optional. Those fields are discussed in the instructions below. If you are leaving an optional field blank, you should not enter ANYTHING in that field. Just putting a space can cause the field to be used instead of ignored.

You will notice that this form is not very pretty. The form for entering your resume data may not be the prettiest form you've ever used, but it is functionally sound and well organized. And besides, what's important is that the resume you create looks great!

Personal Information

You need to fill out most of the fields in this section. If you you use a middle initial instead of a full middle name, then put the initial in the Middle Name field (remember to put the period!). If you do not use a middle name or initial, then leave the field blank and it will be ignored. The street address is split into two lines. If you only use one line for your street address, then leave the Street Address 2 field blank and it will be ignored. You need to enter the City, State or Province, Zip code or Mail code, and Home Telephone Number. The Country, Work Telephone Number, Fax Telephone Number, E-Mail Address, and Personal WWW Home Page are optional. Leave them blank if you want them ignored.

Section 1: Skills

The Laso Corporation uses the information in this section as do most employers. This helps cut through the fog and lets you highlight any special talents that are not conveyed elsewhere in the resume. The items in this section are: Operating Systems, Hardware Platforms, Programming Languages, Databases, and Applications. Leave any of these fields blank if you want them ignored. However, you must fill in at least one of these fields in this section.

This section allows you to describe yourself or your career. There is only a Brief Description of Your Capabilities field in this section and it is optional. We strongly recommend that you use this field.

Section 2: Employment History

The Laso Corporation (and most employers) are unlikely to consider resumes without some sort of employment history — even if it is not related to the job you are applying for! This is not to say that you won't ever be considered without this sort of information, but you really should indicate some employment. There are spaces for your last five jobs. Leave the From field blank for the entire entry to be ignored. If all of the From fields are blank, Employment History will be left off of your resume.

Section 3: Education

Some companies will not consider you if you do not have at least some college or trade school education. The Laso Corporation is not one of those companies! We feel real job experience and knowledge are as important (and sometimes more important) than having a degree or certificate. You should probably put something here. When entering the Degrees Earned/Major data, you should include your major area of study. For example: Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. If you have not earned a degree, but you are working on one, then you should put that information down. For example: Working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and expected completion date. As with the Employment History section, leave the From field blank for the entire entry to be ignored. If all of the From fields are blank, Education will be left off of your resume.

Section 4: Miscellaneous Information

There are only two items in this section: Special Organizations and/or Awards and Additional Information. Both of these items are optional and will be ignored if you leave them blank. The Additional Information is your last chance to enter data about yourself that you think might be useful to a potential employer. For example, you can list any other special training that you have received that did not fit in the education section above or any security clearances you may hold (or have held).

Use our Resume Builder to build your resume today!

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