Follow Up and Stand Out

Always send a thank-you letter after an interview. Neglect this step, and you waste your previous efforts towards getting the interview. Here are some proven tips to help set you apart as a professional candidate:

  • Ask for a business card from each person who interviews you. If one isn't available, be sure to get all the necessary mailing information, or ask for email addresses.
  • Send the letter within 24 hours following the interview.
  • Either handwritten or typed is acceptable. If handwritten, make sure your writing is legible.
  • In general, email is not as impressive as handwritten or professional letters. If you choose to use email, it should be businesslike in both language and appearance, though you do not need to include the company name and address on an email.
  • Look for spelling and grammar errors and keep it formal. Make sure to personalize the message, and if emailing remember to send it from a personal account, not your current work email account.
  • Always address the letter to a specific individual, not just the general title "Director of Personnel." Be sure the name is spelled correctly.
  • Make sure your thank-you letter is businesslike in appearance. If sending by mail, It should be printed on the same paper stock as your resume. Always have someone proofread your letter before you send it.
  • Write each thank-you letter separately, even if you follow a similar form for each letter. The letter should highlight what was discussed in your interview, reiterate your qualifications and continued interest, and confirm the follow-up measures decided upon in the interview.
The Laso Guide to saying thank you

Follow this simple format to produce a well-written thank you that will favorably impress prospective employers.

Your Address Line 2 (Street Address)
Your Address Line 3 (City, State Zipcode)

Contact Name
Contact Title
Company Name
Company Address Line 1
Company Address Line 2
Company Address Line 3

Dear Mr./Ms. Contact Last Name:

First Paragraph: Express appreciation for the interview. Indicate the position for which you applied. Include favorable remarks about the products/services, position responsibilities, and the facilities and employees, where applicable.

Second Paragraph: Reemphasize your strongest qualifications. Draw attention to the match between your qualifications and the job requirements. Use the opportunity to provide supplemental information or to address a question the employer may have raised.

Third Paragraph: Reiterate your interest in the position. Repeat an email address or a phone number (or add a different address or number where you can be reached, if appropriate). State your plan to follow up. Indicate that you will call during a certain time period to check the status of your candidacy.

Concluding Paragraph: Restate your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and consideration.


Your Name

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